The Xelbayeth (commonly shortened to Xel or Xelbies) are a race of birdlike humanoids native to 4591. They mostly keep to their own planet, though a few have been known to take up residence elsewhere (usually as the result of exile).


The Xelbayeth are a natural hybrid of avian and 'human', thought by some to be descended from angels. This theory has neither been confirmed nor denied by Asa or anyone else who may know.


Their wings are considerably more colorful than anything holy, their feathers running the gamut from bright and stunning to deep or pale. Those further from the dazzling bright range, however, are considered to be more detached from Xel society or perhaps more susceptible to deviancy. They're not shunned for this by any means, but it's simply a social acceptance and is not held to be some rigid and unyielding truth.


Xelbayeth cuisine mostly consists of fruit-based dessert-like foods. They are mostly herbivores, and become violently ill if too much animal product is ingested. They're also incredibly susceptible to hypoglycemia, due to their bodies being so used to processing vast quantities of sugar. Charra, fortunately, is an easy way to give them a much-needed boost.


Stuff about their religion.

Stuff about their social norms.

Stuff about their pacifism.

I'm getting lazy again.

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