Basic InfoEdit

  • Name: Tyrelain Xepheria Valsharan.
  • Nicknames/Titles: Ty, Tyler, Taileana, Taylor. Player of Heartstrings.
  • Age: 656. Appears as a young adult.
  • Race: Incubus.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Orientation: Pansexual.
  • Affinity/Ability: Sound/music-based influencing.
  • DoB: April 4th.
  • Birth Place: The Abyss.
  • Residence: Has homes in Layer 427 (the castle and in his city), Bala, and a room in Luce's castle.
  • Accent: None. I think.
  • Occupation: Business owner many times over, bartender at The Rainbar, prostitute under Owen Lestis.
  • Theme Song: Blank. Purely optional, remove if you wish.
  • Abilities: Blank.
  • Hobbies & Talents: Blank.
  • Strengths: Blank.
  • Weaknesses: Blank.
  • Fears: Blank.

Physical InformationEdit

  • Height: 5'7".
  • Weight: 118 lbs.
  • Build: Slender.
  • Skin Colour: Ivory-toned.
  • Hair Colour: Naturally mauve (█████ #E0B0FF), kept black.
  • Eye Colour: Green, naturally bright.
  • Other bodily features: Blank.
  • Attire: Ty generally wears modern street clothes, if any at all, or form-fitting clothes to better outline his. . . gifts.





  • Asa
    Wants to be closer to Ty, but can't think of ways to see him more often.
  • Lucifer
    The awesome kind of grandfather who spoils you without pinching your cheek. [Feel free to add people without pages, I just love potholing things.]
  • Jarlan Galtova
    D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-doctor, doctor.
  • Kiresh Galtova
    Keep awaaaaaay.
  • Tsunakki and Lyorea Galtova
    . . . Who?
  • Gethin DeSang
    Best fake-Texan uncle ever.
  • Laruzhius Sarea
    Almost a daddy to him! Close enough to go here, though.
  • Cecilia Sarea
    Only here on a technicality.
  • Faru Sarea
    Actually starting to accept Ty as a brother. Woohoo!
  • Kyle Sarea
    Derpalicious. I'm just plopping down the ones who actually have pages right now. Extension and reorganization come later.
  • Kalitrima Sarea
    When's the last time he even saw her skinny ass?


Intimate relationshipsEdit

  • Thaddeus
    I am sadfacing at the lack of pothole.



  • [Skunk]
    I forgot what Ty named him. Sadface.
  • [Wolf pup]
    . . . Dammit.
  • Sindri
    Baby drake that Ty hatched not too long ago. Cute little babe with green scales and black eyes and underbelly. Has plant-based magic.


  • A bottle of TY KU, his favorite brand of alcohol.
  • Two masks given to him by Haitha: One is black and gold, the other mauve and silver, with lilac and lavander detailing. The latter allows him to see soundwaves.
  • A music box which can expand and produce any instrument.
  • An mp3 player that, along with music, has various tracks of him moaning. Good for pranks.
  • His wallet, containing a minimum of 100 USD or equivalent in many different currencies.
  • Enchanted tic-tacs, which not only freshen his breath but allows temporary proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Both a standard and pocket-sized RevolveR, the standard having music sheets in place of the lined paper and with a purple cover, while the pocket-sized is green.
  • Various pens and pencils.
  • At least one change of clothes.
  • 'Adult Items.'
  • A vial of thal, or dreamwater.
  • Energy-filled grass, that he usually forgets about.
  • His laptop, which is a lovely deep purple with light purple and silver swirls.
  • Vials of everlasting blood from Lucien, Laru, Jarlan, Gethin, Kyle, Kali and Faru.
  • Many, many, many leg fluffies.
  • Lots of raw gems from gem trees.
  • A black snake earring/ring/bracelet/necklace/etc.
  • Bladed war fans, which he's quite adept with.
  • A wealth of clothing that he inherited.




  • Has a nauseating fear of almond butter.
  • Has an alter-ego as Vorath.
  • Is worshiped as a savior in Tebora.


  • 0/0/0000: Blank. Summarize whatever you want to make note of.
  • 0/0/0000: Blank.
  • 0/0/0000: Blank.

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