Incredibly out of date, but I'm officially calling a NOT MY JOB on this one. I did the blurb placeholders, dammit, you can do the rest. And hey, easy tally count of how many characters you have! Also, need the fullest names you can give, since I've forgotten bits (I distinctly remember Quin's name being longer than just Quintus, for example.)

Alain ValsharanEdit

Vitriolic incubus with a short temper and a love for katars. Has been softening over time, but is mostly just following what he's being told to do and not focusing on why he should act that way (I assume). Currently dating Cria.


Overlord of Hell and the Abyss. Loves absinthe, dark chocolate, and beaujolais. Has two servants, Nikita and Kyle. Currently dating Asa.


The Fallen that created Autumn. Sided with Sakida, died, and was given life under a new name by Zakai. Completely in hiding because a bunch of people still hate his ass, but Jack and Asa know.

Autumn SokasEdit

The Split of Autirel. Adopts anyone he lays his eyes on. Very mellow, but completely dominant in bed and takes being submissive as a challenge that will not be tolerated. Currently engaged to Jack Mordecai.

Azreil SokasEdit

Half-imp, half-succubus, all troublemaker. Daughter of Autumn (and someone else who I'm dying to know). Currently dating Faru.


A part-Sihkothian 'Santa' at a themed spa. Loves his god damn job. Mute due to Sihkothian traits. Member of Gozen's clan. Close friend of Nereus. Regularly visited by Vic, Laban, and Kyle.


The father of all vampires in 1493. Hermity. Used to have a rubber duck as his sole companion, but gave it to Asa on Christmas as a promise of moving past his crutch. Is accompanied 24/7 by his 'cousin', Kyle.

Celinri ValsharanEdit

Daughter of Ty. Very skittish and scared of people. Slowly being socialized by Luce and Owen, the latter staying with her in her bedroom and the latter spending time with her in Bala, Gwynedd.


One of the 1493 Jesi adopted by Asa. Resides in the Gray. Very quiet and resigned. Dating Nikita in the future.

Claire de LuneEdit

WILL DIE WHEN I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO KILL HER OFF and come back as a demon because she doesn't foresee herself living to be too old

Cyrille CroixerEdit

Technically lives in 427, though probably spends more time with Jakaru's family


Cat demon. Brother of Xander. Spends most of his time sleeping. Can manipulate shadows with his magic. Currently dating Gethin.

Eira SwanstromEdit

Swedish vampire.


Previously a Duskling from the dream world, now kinsali. Scholar. Was king for a time, but ended up dissatisfied and returned the crown to Haitha. Currently dating Revionche.


One of the 1493 Jesi adopted by Asa. Fragmented. Very derpy and cheery. Enjoying his ability to go wherever he can as much as possible.


Resurrected dragon girl. Very loud and silly. Close friend of Celinri.


Angel on Asa's council. Sealed. Grumpy, violent, and loves his guns. Married to Drei, guardian of Kyle.

Georgia Lee (MacLachlan)Edit

She loves to cut the tree.


Lord of Dalathath. Fond of saying silly and deary. Sealed. Previously much more playful. (Was he still technically a daymare, or did that change with his personality?) Previously a Dream, now kinsali. Dating Kyle. Connected to Kali, Thad, and Ty.


Nightmare girl who prefers giggling to speaking. Creepy. Currently dating Millan.

Ilani ValsharanEdit

Badass succubus who has complete mastery over fire. Respected completely by Kyle for her ability to keep calm and rational, and for helping when he needed it. Currently has a thing for Fionera.



Jack FrostEdit

lol assjack

Javier RonweEdit

Kinsali with the ability to know anything if he thinks about it long enough. Has many skeletons in his closet. Currently in a relationship with Kali.

Jonas LebedskyEdit

Gangrel currently under the employ of Lucifer, due to the death of Vlad. Still resides at Vlad's castle.

Karla RichardEdit


Ki ValsharanEdit

Incubus. Used to be a superdick on par with Superman, but is now actually pretty mellow and cool.


Lethi ValsharanEdit

Reforming dicknozzle. Currenly living with Owen. Father of Ty.

Lily BellamyEdit



Bitey bitey ex-nightmare merman. Currently in a relationship with John.


Bastard imp, Az's ex-employer. Currently a couch, though due to Vlad not being around to maintain Vicissitude and keep him alive, may have rotted, died, and returned to the Abyss.


Matt EngardeEdit

Drunk, high and sells amazing cupcakes. Needs to meet Faru for DUDE YOU HAVE NEVER MET MY EX BE GLAD time, where they find out they have the same one.





Nereus FrostEdit

Nerissa FrostEdit

Nikita SarovEdit

Oliver JacksonEdit





Sanctuary ValsharanEdit

Sasha SarovEdit



Thaddeus (Sarea?)Edit

Tyrone ValsharanEdit




Xepher ValsharanEdit

Xian ValsharanEdit

Yuriy SarovEdit


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