Archive trawling is fun. Summary of what happened on each day can go here. For now, it's just me arranging from a single line of chat logs. More detail will be added on subsequent runs.

UPDATE: Oh god, here's where I'm going to get really anal about things. I'll probably convert this to another template page, and just make a new page for each month with the title being year/month (2011, April) so that things won't be too painfully cluttered all on one page. Not deleting the stuff I already had on here for now, but I'll put up the new format I'll be using.

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July, 2010Edit


  • Rev/Kyle RP moves from EN to private messages.
  • Kyle bring Rev to the dream version of his home castle, then drags him into 'reality' for the first time. First official universe jump.
  • Rev accidentally messes up Kyle's jaw. Kyle takes him to the infirmary, carrying his new friend in snake form. In the showers, lame innuendos are made, but nothing actually occured.
  • Kalimun desperately needs sleep and falls unconscious.


  • Rev meets Serpen, who assumes he's a naga. Male naga are rare in 4591, as the slave trade ensures they are constantly endangered (only the females are considered useful), so she's quite excited. The setup for disappointment is delicious.
  • I spend half the conversation fangirling over Disgaea.
  • Serpen realizes Kyle used her past as a conversation topic with Rev, and is less than pleased. Rev is bribed with food, and ends up betraying Kyle. Kyle gets beatings, but generally does not care.
  • Rev meets Elle, then (as of yet unnamed) Arachide. They discuss Elle's past, her silk, their current location, Kyle being a whore, Sai, and the spiderlings.
  • Rev meets Laru, who came bearing food for the spiderings. Sushi, thanks to Toki.
  • Hivemind RP is born.
  • Laru starts asking questions about the inner workings of the dreamworld. Rev gladly fills him in.
  • Silva moons Ema. And gets his balls kicked for it.
  • Rev gains possession of Itsia's egg.
  • Rev meets Luce, who is in a funk because Ema just left him.
  • Rev and Kyle unf, then retreat back to Kyle's room. Rev returns to the dream world, Kyle falls asleep.


  • Kyle first visits Dalathath. Playing a mute, he wanders to the palace.
  • Kyle meets Elatho, who manages to sneak him in to the palace. Simply by. . . telling the guards to piss off. Elatho leads to the disguised Rev, then leaves.
  • I harass Tsune about crocheting.
  • Rev takes Kyle back to the tower, then Kyle teaches Rev how to self-unf.
  • Featherbutt is born.
  • Revionche accidentally poisons Kyle with an extra-powerful aphrodesiac. Hilarity and trauma ensue.
  • Play through.


  • Aphrodesiac venom starts off as fun playtimes, but quickly takes a turn down Angst Alley. Ends up becoming guilt-laden unf.
  • Kyle ends up clawing his chest open to get the venom out. Since this was pre-anti-bleedout pendant, he's quickly rushed down to the lab.
  • Rev meets Gethin, who was sleeping on the bed when Kyle went to borrow it. Wasn't sleeping for long. Flirting and dumbassery ensues.
  • Elatho is told to go to Laru's library. Really, we all know he creamed his leggings when he got there. But he'll just never admit it.
  • Crash.
  • Claire wakes up in Laru's bedroom and is informed that she would have woken up to gropings if he had let her remain in her own bedroom. Claire is less than amused.
  • Claire, through the power of stomping Kyle's nads, learns just how girly his screams are. They bicker momentarily, then Kyle falls into emo from the Elatho unf. And holy fuck, Claire goes nice. Then, as soon as Kyle's okay, she goes back to bitchmode. Kyle leaves.
  • Apparently, Ema has a cabinet in Bruma devoted to collecting the pants of all the people she's killed.
  • Claire meets Elle, then (as of yet unnamed) Arachide. Arachide nips Claire's ankle, Elle and Claire discuss their skills, and Elle sets about getting Claire a kitchen attached to her bedroom.
  • Kyle returned to find his lost PSP. Claire tosses out a thinly-veiled threat to his boys, and he flees quickly. After that, Claire's kitchen is created, and Claire and Ella have super happy fun fluffy baking times.
  • Arachide is named.
  • Ema and I discuss the possibility of Char!Ema and Kyle having an epic battle of meat sword versus strap-on.
  • Claire and Elle talk about opening a bakery, then about Rev. Claire shows interest, and Elle asks Kyle to get more information.
  • Kyle falls asleep and enters Dalathath, heading for the palace.
  • Kyle meets Millan, who attempts to herd him to a room. Not one to follow plans (much to the frustration of other muns, I'm sure), Kyle instead dives out the nearest window. After contacting Rev and Elatho and realizing he was a massive fucktard, he goes back inside and plays nicey. After getting an explanation on how Muses work, he plays a melody on Millan/the panflute, and then. . .
  • Kyle meets Thaddeus, who he had heard talking to Rev once before. Kyle's DOUCHEBAG alarm was set off, and he introduced himself as Alex instead of Kyle. After a bit, they begin talking about the threats to Kyle's three new friends: Elatho was at risk of madness, Revionche of suicide, Millan of trying to help Harper. Then Kyle asks about Thaddeus, who is fully aware he's between a rock and a hard place. If he lies, he'll be executed. If he gives an unfavorable reading, he'll be executed.
  • Play through.

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