The RainBar, formally known as Piroulen Rainchaser's Mystical Rainbow-Themed Bar of Wonders, is a bar (in case you haven't gathered that yet) in 4591's Hell that is owned by Piro. Though usually a gathering place for many powerful people, it tends to be rather quiet and low-key. While previously assumed that this was through magical crowd-thinning, it's recently been revealed that the bar is undergoing legal trouble and is currently set to close by the end of the year.

The SetupEdit


The RainBar has nine rooms, corresponding to a designated color on the spectrum (as well as two extras): Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Colorless.


Tended by Alan Nero, secured by Gethin as a volunteer.

Special trait: Alan's fire shows.

The Red Room is rather dimly lit, with plenty of seating in the form of both barstools and sectional couches. As it's the starting room for most newcomers, Alan has been instructed to kindly explain to people why they can't leave. And he's used to getting yelled at for it. Gethin, who takes guard duty there as an excuse to drink, tends to snark right back at people. Still, even with Gethin's attitude and Alan's. . . unique emotional condition that blocks off a good portion of his ability to emote appropriately, it's a good room to visit. Esecially when Alan gets bored. The fire shows can be quite spectacular.


Tended by Alicia Thomas and Xander, secured by Autumn Sokas.

Special trait: A very large bed for people to lounge on.

As opposed to the Red Room, the Orange Room is quite well-lit and bright. Though not visible in the picture, there's a bar that's clear orange glass. Alicia's also learned to take getting yelled at well, though she's more meek. Without someone to back her up, this room is the riskiest. Fortunately, Autumn has taken the job, and has grown quite close to Alicia in the process. The usual presence of a little lamb demigod helps, too.


Tended by Camille, Gabriel, or Kamiu. Unsecured.

Special trait: Unknown.

Back to a dimly-lit room, the Yellow Room tends to be a calmer place than the two before it. It gains a spark of life when Camille tends, and goes even calmer when it's Kamiu. There are currently ideas being tossed around about converting it to a tropical setting with an underwater connection to Green, but with the financial uncertainty of the place, it's unlikely.


Tended by Doug. Secured by Revionche.

Special trait: Outdoors.

The Green Room is, naturally, well-lit. Not for those with allergies (which Doug, unfortunately, has), the room itself is literally alive with plant life. If Jack can ever be convinced to leave his gardens, this is likely the place he'll want to go, simply for the sake of altering plants slightly while drunk. Which, in itself, is enough reason to go. The place is also now inhabited with small moths, which is probably just asking for complaints.


Tended by the Galtova Twins and Kyle. Unsecured.

Special trait: The walls are animated.

The Aqua Room is actually one of the calmer rooms, even when Kyle was present. Well, so long as he was on-duty. As for the room itself, the wall shows change occasionally, so long as it's aqua. All you need to do is ask
Tsu and Ly. As long as it's PG? (Sorry, Ty.) They'll play it. Friday nights are movie nights.


Tended by Tai. Secured by Drei Signori.

Special trait: Dance floor.

Kyle's favorite room by far, and where he spends most of his time when he's off duty. Unfortunately, business in this room has dropped since the departure of Luni'n and the abrasive nature of the remaining tender. Blue is likely the largest of all the rooms, simply because it has a kickass dance floor that shifts colors and patterns and music that dims its volume to each patron's preferred level. If you see a red X under your feet, though? Best be moving along.


Tended by Jeis Velnera and Tyrone Valsharan. Unsecured.

Special trait: Also doubles as the red light room.

It stands to reason that Jeis would be tending in the Purple Room, where he gets some of his best business. And the room is rarely empty, so it's where he's safest. He does have one rule, though: If even one person objects to X-rated activities, they don't happen. Period.


Tended by Pommeline and Gadel. Unsecured.

Special trait: Bubble hookahs..

The Pink Room is, as the second-to-last room for color-runners, likely where you'll find many drunk people who just want in, want their shot, and want back out. Pom was given free reign over the room, and introduced a completely new design as well as brought out 'bubble hookahs' from her home world. Using liquid instead of shisha, the smoke and vapor from these end up as soap-like bubbles once expelled from the body. Probably used in whatever substance makes up the foam and fog on the floor (No, that is not snow, and that is crystal in place of ice.)


Tended by Asa. As such, needs no security.

Special trait: Unknown.

Asa loves his freakin' job. Gets to sit around and get drunk all day. Gets to keep an eye on Jessie. And, since it's the last room, gets to watch absolutely smashed color-runners make their last stand. The only downside is how much people tend to puke in there.


Piro's placed the usual self-cleaning and restock enchants on the place, as well as an especially strong one: When you're in the RainBar, your hair color is forced back to its natural state. No matter how permanent the dye job, no matter how strong the altering enchant, it's forced back to standard. The secret? It's done using Asa's magic, so only he can naturally override it. Otherwise, you need to go to Piro to get special permission, and he rarely hands it out.

There was previously a second notable enchantment on the place was a barrier preventing newcomers from leaving until they've had at least one drink in each room. After an incident where the nephew of a judge had a medical problem under suspicious circumstances, however, the bar has had to remove the policy (costing it its business as a traditional spot) and is now facing financial crisis from follow-up lawsuits.

The RulesEdit

  • Free drinks if you're in a room matching your hair color.
  • As such, no falsifying your hair color for free drinks.
  • No firearms. Alcohol and guns do not mix.
  • No unsanctioned weapons. While all firearms are banned, a select few blades in trusted hands are allowed.
  • No combative magic. Fire shows are good. Setting people on fire is not.
  • If the bartender cuts you off, you can bitch. You cannot, however, try to intimidate them.
  • If the security asks you to leave, leave. If you do not, force will be used.

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