Seisen is a senior member of Asa's council. Married to fellow council member Kamiu, though the two remain childfree by choice.


  • Name: Seisen.
  • Sex/Gender: Female.
  • Age: Early-build first-generation angel.
  • Race/Species: Archangel. (Is archangel a species or a class? Dammit.)
  • Affinity/Ability: Energy.


  • General Description: Blank.
  • Height: 5'8".
  • Build: When in combat, thin and muscular. When out of combat, here come the boobies. Boingboing.
  • Eyes: Blank. May be merged into GD.
  • Hair: Blank. May be merged into GD.
  • Dress/Attire: When not in her council robes (which is most of the time), dresses in modern Earth street wear. At clubs, bars, and parties, she tends to pass revealing up for form-fitting.


  • Relationships: Married to Kamiu, which makes her a sister-in-law to Camille and Kalafice. Treats Carter with an unusual amount of respect. Mildly in hate with Donovan. Treats Gethin like her bitch. Is very quiet and calm around Cecilia , while being very protective over her. Taunts everyone else to varying degrees.
  • Personality: Seisen loves to push buttons to see what reaction she can get. Her public face is very brash and outgoing, if not a bit antagonistic (in a friendly ribbing sort of way). In private, she's much more toned down about this, but generally the same.
  • Habits: Toying with her weapon.
  • Talents: Manipulating and weaponizing energy, thanks to her irrationally high capacity.
  • View on Life: Blank. May be removed.
  • Jobs/Titles: High Angel Seisen. Also works for Owen, though she doesn't advertise the fact.
  • Hobbies: Reading old books on war of varying planets and species, pestering others, volunteering for various Heaven-based charities.
  • Character History: Blank.


  • Strengths: Whoops ass in battle, very moral without getting too preachy, more understanding to the plights of others than she lets on.
  • Weaknesses: Very quick to anger over little things, if they're even close to hitting a nerve. Tends to command people bluntly when under stress. Often fails to notice when a joke has gone too far and is hurting someone.
  • Magic: Energy manipulation, energy draining, energy overloading. . . you get the idea.
  • Weapons: A small silver rod with dimension-bending capabilities (think the TARDIS) full of a fluid that can channel her energy well. She generally uses it as a knife or 'bladed' whip, since it can slice through pretty much anything. In mortal realms, she's quite handy with a handgun. Otherwise, she keeps as up-to-date on using as many weapons as possible, 'just in case'.
  • Inventory: Always keeps her main weapon handy. Also carries a small photo album of her family (on her husband's side), a few bottles of alcohol, some coffee beans, and a journal of any missions she's been sent on.
  • Notes: Blank.

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