Looks a hell of a lot more harmless than he is.

Sakida is one evil motherfucker. Ex-member of Asa's council. More here later, (Like him dying) but there's an important note that I have to put up. . .

The Seven SubjectsEdit

Yes, creepy-as-fuck mad-scientist Sakida had seven main test subjects for his various twisted little experiments. Some of them have come out IC, the others. . . will remain a secret until they're discovered.

Elle the WeaverEdit

Sakida used Elle for harvesting silk, predictably. . . but he also found a way to alter her genetic makeup so her body took from different sources, some of them magical, in order to create her offspring. Instead of normal little spiderlings, the hatched babies were made of metal, had jewels for eyes, and held nastier tempers than could be handled at first. Eventually, Elle found ways to cope, though didn't even think of using them to help her escape because of her utterly brainwashed state. Sakida is, naturally, the reason Elle has an irrational hatred for all angels, especially Council members. And Asa. Eerily enough, this very hatred is a sign of recovery; Sakida's techniques involved manipulating the feelings of his subjects and making them believe they were madly in love with him. A few of his subjects, though all now free, still feel this strange admiration of him, and may even side with him if not dissuaded by those they trust.

Faris ColdrunnerEdit

Faris's experimentation was much less severe, as he was mostly there for gathering. Blood, hair, horn. . . His alterations consisted of making him harder to kill (building him a soulstone-like containment shell) and increasing his healing rates by forcing his body to pull energy in order to regenerate. Faris was not quite as brainwashed as the other subjects, due to it being very hard for a unicorn to feel strong affection towards others unless they are the one they're destined to be with for eternity. Still, he's quite likely to snap into a frenzy at hearing the code phrase Sakida uses to drive his subjects back to his control.

Peter SolariaEdit

When it was suspected that Sakida was up to something, young angel Solaria was sent out to investigate the marble ruins of a palace that had long since been abandoned, and was suspected to be his base of operations. Upon arrival in the fallen halls, however, he was captured and turned into another of Sakida's twisted experiments: A living weapon, fueled by rage and pain whenever it was triggered. The innocent angel who was only supposed to scout and report back was easily broken mentally, trained to give in to his emotions at the slightest sign of them. Since his release, Solaria has been trying to calm himself, though his outbursts have their place in the Council where he's usually one to play Devil's advocate to Asa's plans and is very quick to shoot them down. He's also a good gauge for when any ideas are too cold or immoral.

Piroulen RainchaserEdit

Piro was, originally, a simple water elemental who lived near Gelnasi Lake. He was one of Sakida's first subjects, taken in willingly once his home was lost (due to Sakida himself, though Piro never discovered this). After a few years of living with the angel, Sakida had already worked him into a place of weakness, where any casual suggestion was taken as a command. . . yet never left the feeling of being ordered. So when it was 'suggested' that Piro lend himself to Sakida's experiments, he relinquished his right to his own body without a second thought. The multiple operations and magical fiddling led to the weakening of Piro's natural affinity to water, but gave him a very strong hand with light magic. . . under hazy conditions, where there was plenty of moisture in the air. It may not seem like much, but since most of Sakida's main lair is shrouded in a thick fog, Piro was basically upgraded to being a full-on security system.

????? (Amelia)Edit

Currently in isolation, save for a few rare contacts. Will side with their one main point of social interaction, and that person is aligned with Luce. Their experiments had to to with their natural-born alignment.

????? (Jeis)Edit

Will never side with Sakida. Ever. Sakida hurt someone close to this test subject, and they completely snapped out of his control, to the point of breaking the effect of the code words. However, they prefer to act as if nothing ever happened and they were never captured. Their experiments had to do with their nerves.

Kelsey RipnerEdit

Kelsey is, at the moment, completely aligned with Sakida. Her history with him remains unknown, but of the seven, she's the one most tied to him. Her experiments had to do with her mortality.

On one final note: The code words that have been mentioned multiple times? 'Fallen marble halls,' and it sends the one who hears them flying into a nigh-unbreakable rage.

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