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Story So Far:

Main Cast:

Elysia - 

Kyriakos -

Ches - 

Zakai -

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Story So Far: With the humans just arriving, Carl has mentioned that the others are to avoid Aletheia. Upon questioning Sera, it is discovered that Aletheia was once among the Gentry, but was kicked out due to 'taking what wasn't meant to be taken, and giving what was supposed to be kept'. Part of that is assumed to be Carl's soul, stolen away with a placeholder made of Aletheia's power in its place.

Main Cast:

Carl Chevalier -

Eden Rose - Assuming the title of simply 'The Witch', Eden has a home set up in the bazaar. Though her form and services shift as needed, the cost of it all is always the same: A soul. Carl will state he's never been to see her, but the other characters haven't avoided her as much.

Erik Rosengren -

Milo Karan - Carl's ex-boyfriend, and a ball of punkass attitude and salt. They broke up when Carl caught him with his dealer, which Milo describes as a huge misunderstanding (He was broke, still had ties to other junkies, decided to be a mule for a bit). Has the power to take or give damage to or from himself. 

Seraphina Sarea -

Aletheia -

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Story So Far: Untold as of yet, but Eden murdered Carl's father in lieu of 'payment' for services rendered. Those services would later be discovered as portal-makers for the other humans. After the PCs meet Mina once, Eden will approach her with a solution for her migraines. The cost? Her soul, such a measly little thing that she doesn't even know where it is in the body!

Main Cast:

Eden Rose -

Mina Karan -

Carl Chevalier -

Skye Winston - Skye ends up having a crisis of faith in her powers and seeks out Eden, who encourages her to be who she /really/ is and not who everyone feels as though she should be. Eden shifts her affinity and ability, giving her corrosive poison instead of hope.

Potential Targets:

Ashley Surbin - Eden may target her to give her access to an affinity and power.

Kyle Sarea - Because who /wants/ to be anti?

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Story So Far: Jack has mentioned that he, April, and Willow are in discussions about something that may assist his daughter.</s>

Malakai and Gwyndelve have been positively ID'd as a Child of Autumn, and measures are being put into place regarding their safety and monitoring.

Main Cast:

 Gwyndelve - A quarter-pooka alchemist. Androgyne, with short, black fur covering their body. 

[Was slated to die, probably still will, but be brought back after it all. Because Fen's going to cry too much about their death.]

Malakai - A vampire that's commonly dismissed as 'effete' and 'girlish', he packs a serious punch and can charm the pants off anyone he comes across. He views himself as an object to be marketed first and foremost, and as a person and companion to Jonas second. Native to Russia, he was the child of a whore and john, grew up 

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