Piro is your average everyday-- no, he isn't. He's an elemental of sorts, though mostly came about from experimentation. His strengths come in mists and fog, any time there's a haze of water droplets in the air. When there are? Best cover your eyes with something heavy, because he's damn good with light magic in those conditions. Not healing. Wrong kind of 'light'. Literal light, in this case. The kind that he can refine and even weaponize. Lasers? The 'la' is for 'light amplification'. So yeah, when it's foggy? Piro's chargin' his lasers.

Did I mention that he can also create fog so long as he has a source of water? Yeah, it's not wise to tick him off.

Still, Piro is less known for his magical capabilities and more known for his ownersip of the RainBar, more formally known as Piroulen Rainchaser's Mystical Rainbow-Themed Bar of Wonders. The long and annoying name was entirely intentional; he wanted people to come up with their own nickname. And they did. (He had his money on it beign called Piro's, but he's more satisfied with the current outcome.) His unique management and eccentric rules have made him somewhat of a famous face in the netherworld, which is much to his delight. More attention means more patrons, more patrons mean the place is serving its purpose. And, strange as it seems, the place does have a purpose.

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