Peter Solaria (referred to as simply Solaria by most) is possibly the youngest member on Asa's council and, surprisingly, the one with the most emotional baggage of the veterans. Starting off life as a simple low-ranking angel, Solaria stumbled upon then-angel Sakida's dungeon, where he kept his test subjects (Elle and Faris among them) hidden away. Unfortunately, Sakida discovered the intruder before he could return to tell Asa what he was up to. After that, Solaria was simply turned into another subject. His body was altered, both with surgery and magic, to house blades and weapons under almost every inch of skin. The magical element of this prevents them from being felt, setting off detectors, or hindering him from moving normally. It doesn't, however, prevent him from berserking when he begins using his unwanted gifts.

Solaria, at the time, was also heavily brainwashed by Sakida, just as the rest of his subjects were. This makes him a major threat, now that Sakida is free and openly waging war. Asa, aware of this, has been keeping him isolated completely, save for the body that resides in the council room at all times. This, combined with the envy he feels of fellow council member Tabris and the threat to his role as 'the cute one', is working to make him unstable in a way Asa is failing to notice.

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