Owen Lestis is, put in simple terms, Hell's pimp. With as many sexual demons as there are, such as cubi, things are bound to need organization, and there's no reason to outlaw it. So, after a series of lucky breaks, Owen was placed in charge. He's handled the business as responsibly as he can, and it's changed him for the better over time.

Basic InfoEdit

  • Name: Owen Lestis.
  • Nicknames/Titles: Boss, Skunky (though that'll get you beat unless he loves you).
  • Age: Post-Fall, pre-Reconstruction. Appears in his late thirties.
  • Race: Kinsali.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Orientation: Pansexual.
  • Affinity/Ability: Amplifying or blocking magic.
  • DoB: He claims May 17. No one knows for sure.
  • Birth Place: Somewhere in Hell, specifics unknown.
  • Residence: A massive mansion at Hell. Owns properties in various countries and territories on other worlds.
  • Accent: Slight Brooklyn accent. Mostly faked, just because he likes the sound.
  • Occupation: Director of Sexual Affairs, also known as Lestcorp.
  • Theme Song: Ignorance is Beautiful - Kyprios
  • Abilities: Shapeshifting to canine forms, blocking or boosting magic.
  • Hobbies & Talents: Overviewing the almost-eternal party at his home, trading information,
  • Strengths: Puts on a convincing brave face, has plenty of cash to flash, good at CQC due to his past.
  • Weaknesses: Drinks heavily when stressed, spends a good chunk of his time worrying over others, quick to resort to violence when feeling betrayed.
  • Fears: Hurting someone he loves, losing one of his animals, falling out of favor, being the subject of a scandal, losing his wealth.

Physical InformationEdit

  • Height: 5'6".
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Build: On the thin side, but keeps himself plenty in shape.
  • Skin Colour: Party bodies are somewhat tan, work ones are pastier than a nerd's ass..
  • Hair Colour: Black, with a white stripe down the back.
  • Eye Colour: One black eye with a white sclera, one white eye with a black sclera.
  • Other bodily features: Has a tattoo on the back of his neck he doesn't tell anyone about.
  • Attire: Generally wears a black leather jacket, no shirt, some form of black pants, and boots.





  • None known.


  • [I'll break these up later.]
    His workers in general, though he has a special love for Taz, Silvaati, Ty and Kyle. Is also starting to grow close to Thad and offer him counsel. Also considers Lethi a friend, though he's still a bit wary.
  • Name
    Nature of the relationship
  • Name
    Nature of the relationship

Intimate relationshipsEdit

  • Doug
    His one and only, for all of time. Or, well, for all foreseeable time. They do fight, though Doug usually wins due to Owen either stopping caring or getting some sense talked into him.


  • Name
    Wergenden (even post-seal), Sandra (deceased), Sakida (deceased). Considers Alain one at the moment, due to how he's harmed Ty in the past.
  • Name
    Nature of the relationship
  • Name
    Nature of the relationship


  • Name
    Has a large collection of them, due to Silvaati deciding to spoil him without his knowledge. Snowball (rabbit), Nala (rabbit), Moet (hedgehog), Rose (fennec), Boo (slow loris), Ursa (black bear), Basil (deer), Aquila (falcon), Menthe (frog).
  • Name
    Nature of the relationship
  • Name
    Nature of the relationship


  • Armed with a pipe he's affectionately named Frank. Usually carries items related to his trade, though also has medical supplies handy in case of emergency.
  • [Will sort those points out later.]




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