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Kyle Sarea is an ex-human member of 4591's Royal Family of Hell. Currently kinsali, he spends most of his time trying to help other people out, working, or focusing on his art or sewing.


IC InformationEdit

Basic InfoEdit

  • Name: Kyle Sarea.
  • Nicknames: Kylie when crossdressing, Dumbass to those who know him.
  • Age: 19, though physically stuck at 17.
  • Race: Former human, currently kinsali.
  • Gender: Identifies as male.
  • Relationship Status: Dating Haitha, though he keeps himself very open.
  • Orientation: Pansexual.
  • DoB: April 5th.
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, California.
  • Residence: He has several, but his main 'home base' is at Hell's castle in 4591.
  • Accent: Plain. Nothing of special note.
  • Occupation: Son of a prince of 4591's Hell (and 1493's Layer 427 in the Abyss), servant of Asmodeus, Creator on the Court of Dalathath, ruler of his own city, caretaker of a holy lamb, bartender, and prostitute. And he rarely does any work for any of the jobs listed, if they require any effort. But don't worry! He'll still spout off ALL his titles at a moment's notice!
  • Social Class: Royalty, though he openly complains about it. And flaunts it. Depends on his mood.
  • Economic Class: Generally doesn't have much spending money, due to donating it to the Fuck Up the Slave Trade fund or spending it on stupid shit.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, through and through.

Basic StatsEdit

  • Abilities: Archery, varying skill at telekinesis, pathetic fire magic (read as: can't even properly light a cig), weak healing magic, shapeshifting. Not that he ever uses it for a practical purpose.
  • Hobbies & Talents: Kyle's gained skill at drawing over the years, starting off by making paper dolls for Kali once the ones she used to play with broke. His history also gives him less. . . favorable talents, such as picking locks and manipulating people into doing what he needs.
  • Weaknesses: Easy to break mentally, if you hit the right buttons. Very, very easy.
  • Fears: Being alone, losing any of his friends or family, peanut butter, cages, failing to please, Sakida, Toshio, oversized spiders (Elle and family excluded).


Kyle is a warm and open person, quick to read into exactly what other people want to see and then giving it to them. After that, it depends on how close he feels to you. If you barely know him, he'll play the dumb teenager and just goof around. Cheery, carefree, and showing absolutely nothing that should cause you concern. Learn a bit more about him, however, and the cracks start to show. Overreacting to a few simple subjects, dropping hints as to his past and then dodging the subject entirely, bashing himself calmly with a smile. And, once you finally get past all the lies and deceptions, there lies a fractured teenage boy that, while happy for the most part, can slip into a crushing depression in the blink of an eye. Worrying about every day ahead, worrying about hurting those he loves, worrying about what would happen should those he's angered come after him. The boy on the outside is no less real to who 'Kyle' is than the one on the inside, however. He just. . . uses one to shield the other from the public eye.

Social StandingsEdit

  • Friends: Faris, Jeis , Owen , Drei , Doug, Asmodeus, Nikita, Cyrille, Revionche, Elatho, Millan, Mekano, Evelyn, Moriana, Xander, John, Vlad, Necrys, Ravyn, Vic, Laban, Jack Mordecai, Jack the Orphan, Jack Frost, Nerissa, Nereus, Bryce, Keira, Ida, Silvaati. . .
  • Enemies: Sakida (deceased), Laverne (deceased), Itesha, Abaddon (deceased), unsealed Gethin, Alain at times.
  • Crush: Happily in a relationship with Haitha, though he's known to be. . . flirty. . . with others.
  • Known relatives: Blood relatives: Lucifer (grandfather), Laruzhius (father), Cecilia (mother),Kalitrima (twin sister), Faru (brother), Jarlan (uncle), Serpen (aunt), Tsunakki (cousin), Lyorea(cousin), Kiresh (cousin), Gethin (uncle), Cria (cousin). Additional relatives: Tyrone ('twin'), Autumn (father), Alain (brother), Ilani (sister), Ki (brother), Asa (grandfather), Jessie (aunt), Ches (uncle), Enio (uncle), Caine (cousin), Thaddeus (son), Azreil (sister), Celirni (niece), Kyriakos (brother).
  • Pets: Poe (blackbird, Caine in disguise), Vorath (demigod of sheep), Banzai (hyena, Silvaati in a play form), Raze (snake, Luce . Not present, but might return).

Physical InformationEdit

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 118 lbs
  • Build: Thin. Kyle does have muscle, it just. . . unfortunately never shows.
  • Skin Colour: Pale in humanform, chalk white when he drops the disguise.
  • Hair Colour: Blue. Not just any blue, but his blue. Vivid sky blue, essentially. He's very, very picky about this fact.
  • Eye Colour: The same blue as his hair, with little streaks of light blue. Streaks are nearly impossible to see without advanced vision, however.
  • Other bodily features: Depending on his form, Kyle can also sprout a pair of wings, horns, and a tail. All tend to carry the same color scheme: Black at the base, fading to his blue at the tips. Well, his wings are black with a blue fade near the bottom, but you get the idea. He also has an enchanted tattoo on the back of his neck that he can speak through when his mouth is. . . otherwise occupied. On the body he keeps with Caine, the tattoo is instead a tramp stamp that carries an extra enchantment: He can't bleed out. Speaking of blood, depending on the body, his carries some special effects: Heightened physical sensations, aphrodesiac, and giving him control over, er. . . pleasure.
  • Attire: Kyle generally only wears three colors: Black, white, and his blue. Which is very hard to match. He occasionally adds silver, but for the most part remains with the neutrals. Other than that, his clothing is all over the map. Tight, baggy, casual, formal, male, female. . .
  • Items & Weapons: Kyle has multiple gestures to trigger his pocketspace, though he can access it without at any time. One is to reach over his shoulder, as if pulling an arrow from a quiver. Another is to simply. . . reach into his pocket or a bodily orafice, such as his mouth, nose, so on. Known items include: Dildos, lighters, contact juggling balls, various dice, keys, combs, brushes, hair gel, vials of drugged blood (his and others), addiction-breaking pills to go along with the blood, a PSP, a DS, several music CDs, packets of water marbles, chopsticks, a lockpick kit, nail polish, needles and thread, porno mags, gaming mags, body spray, drugged lip gloss, several runed marbles, several bows, enchanted arrows, a variety of bladed weapons (though he's had no training in how to use them), and a bag of chips.
  • Name Origin: Kyle originally got his name from 'Kail', a mis-spelling of 'Kalitrima' that got cut off quickly. Apparently, the name stuck, because it was soon legally changed to 'Kyle'. Amusingly, his name means 'a narrow strait', which is especially humorous when you recall that there's nothing straight about Kyle. (Yes, yes, a strait is a river, but shut up. It's still funny.)
  • Theme Song: Many. For now, though, Darren Hayes - Neverland.

Medical RecordEdit

  • Physical: Neh.
  • Mental: Neh.

Back StoryEdit


Notable FriendshipsEdit

Tyrone ValsharanEdit

One of the first people he met after first contact with 1493, Ty has easily become the most influential person in Kyle's life. They met through Kyle's twin sister, after hearign remarks from everyone that "you and Ty are so alike." Turns out? They were right. They've been close as brothers ever since, and actually consider each other family when it comes right down to it. Kyle spends a good deal of his time worrying over Ty's mental health, but any time he spends with him is cherished. The good and the bad, the fun and the depressing. It doesn't matter to him. . . it's still Ty.



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