"It feels a bit odd as a kinsali to be writing about myself as if a distant race, but for the sake of neutrality, it must be done. After all, should this documentation be any less informative to anyone, be they incubus or imp? Nay, it is simply easiest to stand outside from myself and look at what I am in a rather unusual light.

Kinsali are the most common demon race in general, though naturally there are some regions of the city where this is not the case. They are the 'generic' demon, with no special traits to make them distinct from others. Legends say that God's final punishment to Lucifer was to strip him of all his charms and leave him as a faceless demon with no defining features. Baseless conjecture, such things never happened. But that mentality did give rise to feelings of superiority over Kinsali. After all, if the king is a simple lowblood, then perhaps they could do a better job than he. Ridiculous nonsense. But. . . I forget myself.

In terms of magic capabilities, kinsali are. . . balanced. As with all demons, they lack the edge that angels have in healing, but it is more than made up for in added power to elemental spells. Fire, water, wind, ice, air, so on. However, with adequate time and practice, there's not much a dedicated kinsali can't do. With a generally high energy capacity, they seem to be built for both magic and more physical means of combat. They have the capability to use magic fairly steadily, yet it's just as draining as it would be with other races. And kinsali muscle is nothing to be doubted. True, there are stronger out there, but that doesn't mean they are any less powerful in their own right.

Historically, kinsali have taken up positions of power in Hell. This is likely due to the simple matter of how common they are, perhaps with the added perception that if Lucifer is kinsali, then this is where they belong. Stereotyping is a dual-edged sword. Still, kinsali aren't any more or less fair than other races. It just seems to be the way things work out. No one race is more naturally inclined to rule than any other, and such notions are ridiculous. It matters not what your race is, but instead how you are personally. . . But again, I lose my focus."

More to come later. Nudge me if there's nothing here.

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