• Name: Kalitrima Sarea.
  • Sex/Gender: Female.
  • Age: 21.
  • Race/Species: Formerly human, now kinsali.
  • Affinity/Ability: Ice magic.


  • General Description: Blank.
  • Height: 5'0".
  • Build: Thin and scrawny. Doesn't exactly look healthy.
  • Eyes: Pale blue.
  • Hair: Pale blue.
  • Dress/Attire: Blank.


  • Relationships: Blank.
  • Personality: Blank.
  • Habits: Blank.
  • Talents: Blank.
  • View on Life: Blank. May be removed.
  • Jobs/Titles: Blank.
  • Hobbies: Blank.
  • Character History: Blank.


  • Strengths: Blank.
  • Weaknesses: Blank.
  • Magic: Blank.
  • Weapons: Blank.
  • Inventory: Blank. It is assumed that all characters have access to pocketspace unless otherwise stated.
  • Notes: Blank.

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