Gethin is Lucifer's second son, and the most well-known of the three due to his actions. Currently, he resides at the castle with his father and other brothers, living a much quieter life than he did a few years ago. He has two boyfriends, Xander and Dio, and loves them both dearly. Unfortunately, perhaps a bit too much, as his mental state quickly deteriorates to nothing should anything happen to either of them. This makes it especially difficult for him to follow the Family's general rule of letting sinners work to redeem themselves, as it's very easy to set off his temper.


  • Name: Blank.
  • Sex/Gender: Blank.
  • Age: Blank. General time period can be substituted.
  • Race/Species: Blank.
  • Affinity/Ability: Blank.


  • General Description: Blank.
  • Height: Blank. Can be removed, but handy to know who's taller than who.
  • Build: Blank.
  • Eyes: Blank. May be merged into GD.
  • Hair: Blank. May be merged into GD.
  • Dress/Attire: Blank.


  • Relationships: Blank.
  • Personality: On the outside, Gethin lets himself be seen as nothing but someone who drinks hard and parties harder. It's an easy image to give off, as he simply emulates Kyle and kicks it up to 11. This isn't to say he's not actually this way (spoiler: he is), but he overplays it so he can intentionally create a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass scenario. When he's not playing it up, he's simply more calm. Just as friendly, just as willing to get you in bed, but less loud about it. Mordecai's gardens, specifically, put him into a special state of mind where he's completely quiet, yet still fun about it.
  • Habits: Blank.
  • Talents: Blank.
  • View on Life: Blank. May be removed.
  • Jobs/Titles: Blank.
  • Hobbies: Blank.
  • Character History: Blank.


  • Strengths: In terms of combat. Gethin has gathered many talents over the years. Most of his skills have gotten rusty, as he's only been practicing gunmanship (specifically sniping) and his skill with minds and telekinesis.Rarely has he been known to fight with energy threads, but it has occured in the past. His mental prowress has, however, taken its toll. At this point in time, he can't help but hear the thoughts of anyone within a 20-foot range of himself. Most would find it a handy power, but considering his history as a truly evil bastard, he's grown to the point where he doesn't want to hear every single judgement those around him hold, and crowds are a particularly severe nightmare for him. As such, he generally avoids them if possible.
  • Weaknesses: Blank.
  • Magic: Blank.
  • Weapons: Blank.
  • Inventory: Blank. It is assumed that all characters have access to pocketspace unless otherwise stated.
  • Notes: Blank.

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