Eliza is the newest member of of Dalathath's royal court, an Oracle who seems to have a specialty for several quick up-to-the-minute visions. The catch? Unlike most Quori oracles, she intentionally keeps herself solid to avoid said visions. You could say she's not a fan. . . actually, she hates getting visions with a burning passion, and is easily traumatized by the violent ones.

This may lead you to believe that she's a precious little buttercup, but she isn't. As Ty's Creation, she started off life tied up by silk scarves, and. . . it just went from there. Instead of pursuing her talent as an Oracle, Eliza made a dancer of herself, both on the stage and. . . in bed. She's also learned how to fight with a pair of silk scarves, mostly because of how she remembers them being used on her. As a result, she can often get away with smuggling her weapons with her simply by wearing them. Her combat skills, however, are debatable at best, as she's only had need of them on a few chance occasions, and failed spectacularly on a number of those.

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