Drei Signori is the captain of Hell's Royal Guard and an obsessive weapons- and armor-crafter. He also runs the underworld's largest shopping center which, though it may harm his credit to say so, is actually pretty difficult. He is now married to Gabriel , which mainly came about because they're close friends and spend nearly all their time together in his workshop stealing each other's booze.


  • Name: Blank.
  • Sex/Gender: Blank.
  • Age: Blank. General time period can be substituted.
  • Race/Species: Blank.
  • Affinity/Ability: Blank.


  • General Description: Blank.
  • Height: Blank. Can be removed, but handy to know who's taller than who.
  • Build: Blank.
  • Eyes: Blank. May be merged into GD.
  • Hair: Blank. May be merged into GD.
  • Dress/Attire: Blank.


  • Relationships: Blank.
  • Personality: Blank.
  • Habits: Blank.
  • Talents: Blank.
  • View on Life: Blank. May be removed.
  • Jobs/Titles: Blank.
  • Hobbies: Blank.
  • Character History: In the past, Drei was a low-ranking angel who piddled about in day-to-day work and blew off most of the politics involved. The build-up to the falling, however, made him take a quick look at both sides. His quick judgement told him that Lucifer's side was more likely to win, but. . . he hadn't taken into account the Archangel Seisen , who promptly whooped 31 flavors of ass in the upcoming battle. As a result of his poor call, Drei was cast down into Hell along with all the others who made his mistake.

Once damned, Drei set to work on making sure that sort of mistake never happened again. Studying field tactics, mastering any weapon he could get his hands on. . . it was an obsession that lasted for centuries, which culminated with him coming out on top in his field and, as such, being put under Lucifer's employ as a bodyguard.

Unfortunately, Luce was going through his 'mad scientist phase' and experimented on Drei's energy capacity more than a few times. As a result, Drei has been cursed to a slow recharge rate that his employer hasn't been able to reverse, as well as another. . . unique condition. When one of his bodies remains at capacity for only a few seconds, it literally rips itself apart into two individuals. Thankfully, the bodies heal themselves during this process, but. . . it's not a pretty sight. And, as Gethin would be quick to tell you, having to control too many bodies is a leading cause of madness for those who attempt it. Drei's situation is worsened by the fact that he needs to burn energy in those bodies should he want to keep the number low. At this point in time, he's simply given up on that and started sending several bodies at a time out on suicide missions to get them killed. His previous favorite method? Shoot Kyle , get killed in ensuing overdefensive madness. After marrying the boy's guardian (which makes that a bit of a no-no), he just began testing new weapons on them.


  • Strengths: Blank.
  • Weaknesses: Blank.
  • Magic: Blank.
  • Weapons: Blank.
  • Inventory: Blank. It is assumed that all characters have access to pocketspace unless otherwise stated.
  • Notes: Blank.

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