Dionysus Peliror, often just called Dio, is a calico demon who spends most of his time asleep in the nap of his boyfriend, Gethin.


  • Name: Dionysus Peliror (Dio)
  • Sex/Gender: Male.
  • Age: Blank. General time period can be substituted.
  • Race/Species: Cat demon, possibly Gray-touched.
  • Affinity/Ability: Shadows


  • General Description: Blank.
  • Height: Blank. Can be removed, but handy to know who's taller than who.
  • Build: Blank.
  • Dress/Attire: Blank.


  • Relationships: Blank.
  • Personality: Very soft-spoken and reserved, Dio tends to keep out of things unless directly involved. He also is quick to do what he can for his boyfriends - getting them food, running baths, going on trips to get things for them, etc. Xander sums it up as 'Domestic'.
  • Habits: Blank.
  • Talents: Blank.
  • Jobs/Titles: Blank.
  • Hobbies: Blank.

Character HistoryEdit

One of the many children Xander's mother bore, Dio was born in a litter of seven others. Much like a mortal cat, his colouring showed a genetic problem he carried: An extra X chromosone. As he grew, it showed in his softer features, as well as his taller stature. One that never showed physically, however, was being deaf. He took his time to learn to read lips and adapt to coping, since he never saw it as something that needed to be healed.

Figuring the best for her child would be for someone else to raise him, his mother brought him to another layer, the one known for the male servants called Peacocks. His place was that as an entertainer, and one who learned to use other parts of his body to please the women whose time was spent with him.

Long story short after that, he got sold at auction to Gethin and still hasn't spent all the money.


  • Strengths: Blank.
  • Weaknesses: Blank.
  • Magic: Blank.
  • Weapons: Blank.
  • Inventory: Blank. It is assumed that all characters have access to pocketspace unless otherwise stated.


  • Blank.

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