Ecyhedo Elementary is a school for the 'supernatural', based within Hell. As such, many of its students are demons, or have some other otherworldly heritage. Despite this, however, they strive to make their students a bit more. . . normal, and at the point they should be for their age.

This may or may not be an ongoing crack!roleplay.

Students Enrolled at Ecyhedo ElementaryEdit


Aged down so he could attend, he acts more childish and stupider than he actually is to fit in. Serves as Kyle's eyes and ears in the classroom.


She's a craaaaaaaazy bitch.

Kazutaka 'Fluffy' SokasEdit

Also called 'Zuzu' by Tibbles. Has more dads than he should, is genetically fucked up, and is retarded. And this is said in the nicest possible way. Has Autumn's surname, because he's the only one with a surname.

His daddies are: Autumn, Faris, Laru, Michael, Gabriel. Thus, the kid is 1/3 angel, 1/6 incubus, 1/6 winged unicorn, 1/3 Kinsali.

Anastasia RonweEdit

Kali and Javier's daughter. Also called 'Glasschild'. Really? She has nothing good from her father that can be seen.

Tiberius 'Tibbles'Edit

Also known as 'Tibtibs' to Fluffy. Has two dads and a twin, as well as a gem. Complete space cadet with noooo attention span, thanks to Xander's genes.

. . . Can't even remember that the cat is his father.

Genetically speaking, he's 1/3 Foggian, 1/3 Kinsali, 1/6 human, 1/6 cat demon.


Revionche and Elatho's child. Getting this thing to wake up? Gooooooooood luck. Blessed/cursed with Kyle's anatomy, Green hair, tipped black.

Name goes hereEdit

Tibbles' twin.

Faculty of Ecyhedo ElementaryEdit


The kids' succubus teacher. Thad has a thing for her.

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