Alosia vs. Rainchaser is set to be a landmark case in 4591 history, regarding interuniversal magic laws.

Background Edit

See The RainBar

On ⬜⬜/⬜⬜/20⬜⬜, a patron of The RainBar required the use of emergency medical services under suspicious circumstances. The plaintiff's uncle presided over the case, resulting in numerous court costs and legal fees, as well as the break of the trademark enchantment (The ColorRun). Piroulen Rainchaser was able to win the case, but found himself subject to numerous charges.

CKS: Seems there's a long history of lawsuits against the RB, dating back up to a decade before the universal connect. Now it's kicking back in. While before it was mostly one judge, now it's exclusively another.

CKS: Medical hazard. Unpaid employment. Unsafe working conditions (as pursued by public works, not an employee). Now unknown magical interference.

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