Alan is the primary bartender in the Red Room at the RainBar. Ever the cheery one, he is the 'secret identity' of Aurin, Lord of Fire. It's been such a long period, though, that Alan has grown to recognize it as himself and will do all he can to maintain that cover.


  • Name: Alan Nero. True name: Aurin.
  • Sex/Gender: Male (picked one for convenience).
  • Age: Seventh oldest being in the universe.
  • Race/Species: Father of all fire elementals.
  • Affinity/Ability: Fire, heat, etc.


  • General Description: Alan is relatively tan due to frequent exposure to sun and fire. [Eye color undecided/forgotten.] His hair is medium to bright red, mostly shaggy and scruffy but with two long 'tails' in the front reaching down to his waist. It's rare when he's seen without a smile due to his condition.
  • Height: Undecided as of yet. Probably between 5'8" and 6'2".
  • Build: Rather underweight, though he's been getting help with his main problem thanks to Fierio.
  • Dress/Attire: Usually wears a heavy coat, scarf, and thick pants. In combat, he wears heavy armor designed to keep his core temperature as hot as possible, though since he enchanted it himself. . . well, he could certainly use some help from someone much better with such things.


  • Relationships: Fierio [boyfriend], Piro [employer], Zakai [close friend].
  • Personality: Due to having part of his soul eaten away, Alan's displayed emotional range is from completely giddy to neutral but still smiling. Despite this, he's still quite capable of feeling things people wouldn't expect of him, such as anger or despair. He tends to come off as either a happy-go-lucky loon or a snarky ass.
  • Habits: Bouncing a ball against things (mostly walls), getting hit in the face by said ball when he turns to look at something else, playing with small flames.
  • Talents: Anything and everything related to fire. He's also good at catching things out of the air if they're being hurled at him.
  • Jobs/Titles: Lord of Fire, bartender at the RainBar, manager of the Range.
  • Hobbies: Used to be a writer, but gave up due to accidentally setting his books on fire. Also has a penchant for sketching, and makes little fire dancers to pass the time when feeling lonely.
  • Character History: Alan was the last of the Lords to be created in Asa's panicked haze, the final two being thought-out and planned. He was the cherished youngest for an extended period, developing into a playful and impulsive trickster who kept the rest of the Lords entertained. Keda, Lord of Ice, was quickly discovered to be unable to remain close to him, and he began to turn obsessive over her (as she did him). They were denied each other by their very nature, but they still managed to form a strong bond despite being polar opposites in many ways. (*Fen and Jack created *Alan can't touch them either, but doesn't have the same bond *Asa flips the fuck out when Fen gets burned, even though Fen gives no fucks *Alan feels more and more pushed away from family *Alan grows jealous of Fen and Jack's potential and creations *Alan starts to rebel, and is ignored for a long period by everyone except Keda and Bryale *Alan attacks Chetia for her overlap into his territory and 'stealing his potential' *Bryale knocks Alan out and implants the nerul worm *A fuckload of time passes, and Alan gets hired at the RB *Piro recognizes the symptoms and has the worm removed before Alan loses himself completely *Alan is slowly re-integrated into the family, but only shortly before they all lose contact again *War passes, and now he spends considerably more time with them, but mostly with Fi)


  • Strengths: Blank.
  • Weaknesses: Blank.
  • Magic: Blank.
  • Weapons: Blank.
  • Inventory: Blank. It is assumed that all characters have access to pocketspace unless otherwise stated.
  • Notes: Blank.

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