Aelata is a hermiting dragon living in the forest. She's rather asocial, and only trusts a select few people with her company.


  • Name: Aelata. Previously Aelata Sarea, but the surname was dropped.
  • Sex/Gender: Female.
  • Age: 3 or 4, though she's matured to be an adult.
  • Race/Species: Dragon.
  • Affinity/Ability: Flora/plant life.


  • General Description: When in human form, Aelata is a tan, white-haired woman with blue eyes. Her skin is marred by small scars, along with a few fresh abrasions from working with plants and fighting for her own survival. Her hands and feet are calloused from labor and combat. In her dragon form, her scales are dull and out of alignment in places, and her horns are heavily scuffed. Though her wings are without holes, there are some spots that have obviously suffered some heavy trauma.
  • Height: 6'4".
  • Build: She has little body fat from spending so much time working in the forest, which means she's lacking in the chest department. She also has a good bit of muscle to her. As a dragon, she's about the size of an elephant (with shorter legs) and toeing the thinner side of healthy.
  • Dress/Attire: Just vines covering the bits she's told need to be covered. If she must wear clothing, it's usually very, very loose robes.


  • Relationships: Friends with Autumn. Looks up to Jack Mordecai. Has a bit of a grudge against Luce.
  • Personality: Highly abrasive, and approaches most life forms with a blunt, "Can I kill it?"
  • Habits: Keeping her cave covered with vines, walking around in the buff (fuck society, clothes are ridiculous), picking at her scales.
  • Talents: Killing kirena, handling curses.
  • Jobs/Titles: In time, is regarded as the forest's Guardian due to her work there.
  • Hobbies: Gathering crystals from her cave, trying to find even comfier bedmaking materials.

Character HistoryEdit

Aelata was hatched as a gift to Ema, the wife of Lucifer . Unfortunately, due to a focus shift, she was left without much attention for a long while. Eventually, since she realized she was maturing faster than the one she shared a crib with and would soon have not much to look forward to, she bade him goodbye (debatable if he understood or not, since the two were stated to have had a bond) and left for the forest. After all, in her mind, it was where she belonged, since she was clearly different from the humanoids living in the castle. Sadly, it would only be once she departed that she eventually realized she could shift to a similar form.

Ubeknownst to Aelata, the forest closest to the castle was known for being the target of a heavy curse that perverted the flora and fauna within. While Ael herself was never affected by such, she spent a good deal of her adolescence learning not to trust anything you see, building towards her antagonistic and blunt personality. She eventually found a cave filled with enchanted crystals to settle in, and after learning from experimentation that she probably shouldn't just go touching unstable magical artifacts, she decided it would make for a good home. As she grew, she discovered ways to cope with her cursed surroundings, and even learned how to purify an area with quite a bit of effort.

[Will do another log run before completing this section.]


  • Strengths: Very skilled with her magic, difficult to deter from something she's set her sights on.
  • Weaknesses: Is horrid at working in groups, since she tends to automatically hate anything that breathes. Short-tempered, quick to resort to violence (though can be dissuaded from such by Autumn), sees no reason to do anything for anyone other than herself if it's not related to her interests.
  • Magic: Exceptional control over vines, relatively good with other plants. Weak spot is spore-based toxins.
  • Weapons: Refuses to use anything bbut her claws, teeth, and plants.
  • Inventory: A hoard of crystals and seeds.


  • None yet.

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